At Red Lobster, our core value of Teamwork is a big part of a restaurant team’s success. Through hands-on training, personal development and engagement, our team members work better together and make life-long connections with each other.

Erin Baury and Hannah Hutter are two servers at our restaurant in Queensbury, NY. Their special relationship, both inside and outside of work, embodies our core value of Teamwork.

Erin started at Red Lobster in January 2016 and defined teamwork at Red Lobster as, “Not just helping my fellow Servers, but I remember being a Host and a Server Assistant, so I remember it’s nice to have other people helping even if it’s not their job. I never say ‘I’m not doing that because it’s not my job.’ Because everything is your job—we’re a team, and we’re all aiming for the same goal.”

Hannah also progressed from Host to Server after joining the Red Lobster team a little over two and a half years ago. She has the same unique perspective as Erin when it comes to helping the whole team out: “Because I started as a Host, moved to a Bartender, and now work as a Server, I really got to see and understand what each role entails. It allows me to do my job better now because I know what it takes to do each role and I can adjust the way I approach my job to make others’ jobs easier.”

One of the biggest ways Hannah was able to apply her knowledge and help her fellow teammates was by mentoring Erin. Erin described the ways in which Hannah helped her as a new hire: “I was nervous coming into a new job, but Hannah helped a lot. She got to know me when I was a Host, which she didn’t have to do. When I was training to be a Server, she went over the entire menu with me and helped me make flashcards. If I didn’t have that, I could have talked to other Servers, but it was special that she took time out of her own time to work with me and make sure I understood everything.”

While Erin was getting guidance from Hannah, Hannah was also benefitting in ways she never expected: “It makes me feel special to be a mentor. I know what being new on the job is like, so to be able to train and mentor someone who is starting there, it’s such a privilege. I think meeting Erin through Red Lobster and the fact I trained her to become a Server, makes what we have really special.”

Along with building a strong working relationship within the Red Lobster team, Hannah and Erin grew to be close friends outside of work. “Teamwork not only benefits your relationships in work, but you get the chance to know who you’re working with and develop those friendships outside of work,” Erin said. Hannah added, “Our relationship started as coworkers but it slowly grew into something more than that and we actually just went on vacation together.”

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