Our Heart of House team works together to make sure we deliver picture-perfect food to our guests each and every shift. And, our trained and talented Grill Masters have the special role of manning our oak wood grills. Grilling is a hobby for some people, but when you’re a Grill Master at Red Lobster, you get to turn a love for grilling into a career.

To give a peek inside the art that goes into grilling at Red Lobster, a few of our Grill Masters shared their favorite meals to grill at Red Lobster:

“My favorite thing to prepare on the grill is the lobster. I love to grill lobster tails. I learned by watching how everyone else cooks and would ask questions about the food. We also have videos to learn the right way to grill lobster and other foods. There’s nothing like those grill marks and sauce we top it with. It’s just so juicy.”Camilla Flores, Certified Grill Master at Overland Park, KS Red Lobster

“My favorite thing to make is the Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp & Salmon meal. I make sure the grill is nice and searing hot, and get to season the shrimp and salmon while adding the brown butter sauce to the lobster. You’ve got to make sure you get those great grill marks and make sure the presentation on the plate looks nice. Having the oakwood grill, you can really taste it in the food—and not just the seafood, but in our steaks and chicken too.” Rob Ostrander, Certified Grill Master at St. Clairsville, OH Red Lobster

“I love making the Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp & Salmon meal. The meal has three different proteisn, so I give the guests a feel for different flavors and types of meat. I grill the salmon first, then the shrimp, and last I cook the lobster because it takes not quite as much time as the other two. I plate everything and give it a nice presentation before it goes out to the guests.”Felix Gomez, Certified Grill Master at Olathe, KS Red Lobster

No matter what they’re grilling, our Grill Masters are focused and dedicated to their craft. Whether it’s Lobsterfest, Endless Shrimp, or just a regular weekday, Red Lobster Grill Masters bring smiles to our guests through all the exciting flavors they serve up – and you can too!

Find your own specialty on the grill when you apply to join our Heart of House team today!