Guests celebrate all kinds of occasions at Red Lobster. Whether big or small, extra special or ordinary, any event that needs to be celebrated with lobster is what we consider Lobsterworthy!  As a server, you have the opportunity to create lasting memories with every guest that comes through the door. From singing happy birthday to adding personal touches to dishes, we love celebrating with guests! And, it means a lot to us when guests choose Red Lobster to share their special moments.

Below, our team members share some of their favorite guest celebrations over the years:

“As a server, I do my absolute best to make sure each guest that comes through the door feels welcome, at home, comfortable, and they get exactly what they need in a timely manner. I make my guest connection and try to identify the celebration from the get-go. If it’s an anniversary, I thank them for coming and spending it with us and wish them many more years of happiness. If it’s a birthday, I hand make birthday cards for those guests and make them feel as special as I can.

One time, three ladies came in and were visiting from overseas. The first time they came in, it was one of their birthdays. They were here on business, so all the employees and coworkers came out. My section partner and I served the party, and it was almost like we were dancing the whole time, and everyone was smiling and happy and having a great time.” — Tyler Swanson, Server, 2 years

“I’ve met a lot of great people working at Red Lobster. Some guests I’ve grown to know so well, they’ve come to our house for holidays and dinners. Guests come in and you get to know them and hit it off. Then, they keep coming in and start asking for me, so they get to know me more. It’s all about building those relationships and meeting their needs during their visit to Red Lobster.

You never know who you’re going to meet. I remember a woman who worked for a political campaign company, and we became friends after I waited on her table. She invited me to her Christmas party now three years in a row. To think I made a genuine connection with someone through Red Lobster is incredible.” — Kent Dingler, Server, 15 years

“When it comes to celebrating, it’s all about the guests. One of the things I do to go above and beyond is write a little personalized message on the lobster bibs for guests who come to celebrate anniversaries. I always tell them they’re my inspiration. There’s a lady who came into the restaurant and she had her 101st birthday party here. I celebrated with her and took a picture and it’s just inspirational to see someone who is still in such great health at 101 years old.

Every so often, we have a Red Hat Society group that comes in. They come in and sit down with their red tablecloth and have little confetti they put on it. We help them set it all up and make it special for them.” — Becky Hoyt, Server, 6 years


At Red Lobster, you play a big role in how guests celebrate their Lobsterworthy occasions that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Apply to join our team today and start creating memories with your guests at Red Lobster!