The kitchen can be a busy place, but at Red Lobster our Heart of House team feels confident and prepared to create delicious seafood dishes for our guests. That’s because we give our Heart of House cooks and prep teams the training and tools they need to make the most of their culinary careers with us.

Certified Grill Master Mary Zuvich has been perfecting her culinary craft at Red Lobster for 22 years. She loves that her skills constantly develop through hands-on training. “Training stays very up-to-date. Last week everybody had to take a refresher course online that encompassed everything about working in the Heart of House,” she said. “Our goal is delivering better food at a quicker pace. We accomplish that by making sure everyone knows how to do every job so anyone can hop in anywhere.”
The training we give our people empowers them to prepare and cook picture-perfect dishes that keep our guests coming back again and again. Training begins with employee education on proper preparation techniques and vendor seafood standards. Mary said, “My favorite thing I’ve learned since joining the team is knowing the very fine line between juicy and overcooked. During training, we learned how to deliver that succulent seafood that wows the guests and keeps them coming back. There are a lot of things that wows me, like knowing where the seafood comes from.”

Mary also offered some insight into what she thinks makes the Heart of House role so important to the restaurant: “This is where all the Red Lobster magic starts. Guests come in and are greeted, and you have to wow them with that plate. They give us all the tools and training to do that. We execute that every day.”

 Jennifer Quelch has been a part of the Red Lobster family for 16 years and learned many different cooking skills during her time as a Line Cook. “I open the restaurant a lot, so I fry, sauté, grill, broil, and assemble,” she said. “When I first started, I had a manager train me on all the pieces of working in the Heart of House.”

At Red Lobster, Jennifer feels like she’s part of a team that cares. “When we have new events, the manager will train us on those,” she said. “And, I help everyone else in the Heart of House train as well. If someone is needed or needs help, there’s someone who will bounce over and help out. It’s a lot of just common courtesy.”

We train our Heart of House team to be seafood experts when prepping and cooking our dishes so that they  have the tools they need to pursue their professional dreams at Red Lobster!

Explore all the possibilities that a career with Red Lobster can offer, and apply to be a part of our Heart of House team today!