Our managers play a crucial role on the Red Lobster team – that is why we strive to give them every tool they need to keep each shift running smoothly! We provide hands-on training and skills development for our managers so that they can achieve their restaurant goals.

Jim Kruse has been a General Manager with Red Lobster for 4 and half years and explained that one of his biggest challenges throughout his career has been finding the right team members to fit the open positions in his restaurant. “Red Lobster helps with staffing challenges by providing an interview guide we use that directs us in how to find the right people for the right roles,” Jim said. With a little support, managers like Jim make the right hiring decisions and find the perfect team members who are searching for career success with Red Lobster.

Our managers are always striving to improve our teams by encouraging team members to take advantage of the training courses Red Lobster offers online. “We encourage staff members to do the optional ones even if it doesn’t necessarily pertain to their job because we’re helping them learn what every role in the restaurant does to encourage teamwork,” Jim added. Red Lobster managers are always looking to give team members opportunities to grow in their current roles and learn new problem-solving skills.

Throughout their careers, our managers receive the support they need to grow as confident leaders. Edward Watkins, Culinary Manager in Branson, MO, has been with Red Lobster for 8 years and has learned a lot throughout his career. “I continue to learn and get excellent advice and lessons from my General Manager and Director, and my view is still expanding,” said Edward.

Edward explained, “Having the support of the company and knowing they have your back is everything. There’s a strong sense that we’re all in this together, from the very top all the way down.”

Edward puts the problem-solving skills he learned from his training to use to help other members of the Red Lobster family during a time of crisis. “A neighboring restaurant in Joplin, MO had a tornado go through town and we sent food and clothes to their employees,” Edward said. With assistance from the Restaurant Support Center, Edward went above and beyond to demonstrate our core values for his colleagues. He recalled, “Their restaurant was down for a while and we had their employees come work here—it showed, in action, that this company cares about its people.”

Thanks to our advanced training programs and the leadership of our managers our teams are always ready to confidently take on the challenges and achieve restaurant success. Learn how you can grow your leadership skills with Red Lobster, and apply today!