Red Lobster managers are always on the lookout for ways to grow their restaurant teams with talented people. Red Lobster General Manager Trish Graham did exactly that when she reached out to the employees of a nearby local restaurant when their doors closed unexpectedly.

Trish worked quickly to identify open positions in her Red Lobster location that needed to be filled by talented team members – and the displaced employees from that local restaurant happened to have a passion for hospitality and seafood . ” They were in the hospitality business, but also the seafood business. They already had the passion and knowledge so they were compatible for us,” Trish shared.

Through quick thinking and impactful problem solving skills, Trish turned this community misfortune into a new successful opportunity for those restaurant workers, all while adding valuable talent to the growing Red Lobster family. Trish added, “All of the employees we hired at that time still work here and it’s been a great fit.”

At Red Lobster we take pride in our managers’ abilities to spot great potential for our teams. “We are always looking to hire great people. We may not have an opening but if it’s a great person we want them,” said Trish.

By successfully identifying and hiring great talent, our managers live out our core values—creating a path of growth and development for each team member so that they can reach their career goals. “It’s nice to know that I can make a difference. It’s a business where part of what we do is making experiences great, for guests and for team members,” Trish said.

Trish has been a member of the Red Lobster team for nine years, so she knows what it means to live out our core values every day. With the encouragement of Red Lobster, she felt empowered to make a difference in her restaurant and in her community. “We’re a caring company and that culture reflects in personal things we can do in our restaurants. We do things as a company and we do things as individual restaurants to help others and give back.”

Our supportive atmosphere and commitment to team development make Red Lobster a great place to start a lasting career.

Apply today and see how the support you receive as a Red Lobster team member will inspire you to make a difference both in your career and in your community!