Jenn Lawrence has been a part of the Red Lobster team since 2004. Over the years, she has grown from being a Server while in college to her current role as General Manager at our Kingston, NY location, the same restaurant where her story starts.

College Years

As a college student from Long Island, now living in upstate New York, Jenn did what most students do—find a job to help support her education. “I moved here for college and needed a part-time job while in school,” she explained. “Red Lobster seemed like a good place to be. I remember coming here as a kid with my family and when I applied, they hired me.”

While in school, Jenn was able to support herself financially as a server at Red Lobster, but the position also gave her the opportunity to be flexible in her schedule: “Red Lobster is a really fun place to work, and the best part is it’s such a caring restaurant. I was able to take time off and go see my family in Long Island or work around my school schedule.”

After working at the Kingston location for about two years, Jenn transferred out to St. Bruno, CA where she continued her career at Red Lobster. Eventually, she began to miss home and came back to Kingston, where she’s been ever since. “I eat/breathe/sleep Kingston, as they say,” she laughed.

During that time, Jenn received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education. After graduating from school, she made the decision to continue working at Red Lobster. It was a simple decision because, as she put it, “It’s my family.”

Post Grad Benefits

Even after graduating, Jenn was able to balance her career at Red Lobster with her pursuit of working in the field of education teaching pre-k. Eventually, Jenn’s true calling would come knocking on her door.

In 2014, her restaurant leaders reached out to her with a unique opportunity. “My supervisors came to me and said being a manager would be a great place for you,” she explained. “So I tried it out and really liked the manager side of working here. About seven months ago, my General Manager who I’ve worked with for a few years relocated, so that position was open. I applied, and they said yes!”

Aside from all the great opportunities, Jenn has had from being promoted in her role; she pinpoints another special benefit of the Lobster Life: “I’ve been lucky enough to stay at my home: Red Lobster. All the connections I’ve made are so strong; I still talk to people who don’t work here anymore and am friends with many of them.”

Jenn believes her college education has been especially useful in her new role as a General Manager. “I used to teach little kids in pre-k, but now I say I’m teaching big kids,” she observed. “The training programs at Red Lobster have helped with that teaching. They’ve always been one of my favorite parts about working here because of how specific and in-depth they are.”

When asked about her future at Red Lobster, Jenn said, “It’s exciting. I see great things for my restaurant but I also see great things for the people I used to work alongside as a server. I have people working who have been here since our doors opened 24 years ago, and that’s pretty impressive.”

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