At Red Lobster there is nothing quite like the support and encouragement you receive from your co-workers – especially when those coworkers are your friends! While working at Red Lobster, our team members create strong bonds and lasting memories both inside and outside of the restaurant.

Stephanie Drayton started working as a server with Red Lobster in 2013, and she knew that her neighbor Alicia Mitchell would be a great addition to her team. Stephanie said, “I thought she had a great personality and she’d fit in at Red Lobster really well. We started off as acquaintances when she began working at Red Lobster, but in the last year we’ve gotten so close.”

Alicia has now been at Red Lobster for 1 year and works in the Heart of House. Whenever she needs extra support or guidance she knows that she can lean on her friend Stephanie: “We try to make sure the other is having a great day and if not we at least try to make each other laugh. Also, we try to help each other when we are able to do so.”

The teamwork and communication they use to solve everyday challenges in the restaurant brings Alicia and Stephanie closer together. “We keep each other in a great mood at work and it rubs off on everyone else we work with,” said Stephanie.

The two friends also value their time together outside of work and build on their great connection in their everyday personal lives too. “We’re practically sisters and inseparable – our kids even play together,” said Stephanie. Alicia added, “Our friendship is basically the same inside and outside of work – we talk all the time and support each other in whatever we are doing.”

Alicia’s friendship with Stephanie has even inspired her to take advantage of the growth opportunities at her restaurant. Alicia commented about her Red Lobster career goals: “At work, Stephanie is slowly teaching me about the Front of the House because I eventually would like to become a Server.”

Finding your best friend at work can make every day more fun, and every challenge that arises easier to conquer. “I’m sort of the class clown and she’s more the serious go-getter, and we just complement each other really well. Being best friends at work just makes life so much better,” said Stephanie.

At Red Lobster, our team members make new friends and find lifelong connections every day. Apply today to join a Red Lobster team near you!